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Peace of Mind

The Athlete Heart Shield screening process has been developed by our team using advice from expert medical professionals from all over the country.  We constantly revise our process based on the most current research data and recommendations offered by the American Heart Association and industry leaders.  The primary focus of our screening program are student athletes, age 12 to 25.  However, our program is open to everyone in this age range.  We believe you should have the choice to have your heart checked, even if your algebra is better than your jump shot!   Exception:  If you have a known heart condition, or currently see a heart specialist, our program is not for you.  We are here only to help identify previously undetected heart conditions.


One Screening at a Time

Every participant (with parent or guardian if under 18) must download and fill out our Sudden Cardiac Risk Assessment Questionnaire and download and sign our Consent for Participation Form. The SCA questionnaire is a combination of personal and family history based on the American Heart Association’s current recommendations for screening athletes.  It is very important to answer all of these questions as thoroughly as possible.  Every piece of information, big or small, will help us in accurately assessing your risk. Important:  You must completely fill out these two forms and bring them with you to your exam appointment!  We cannot perform your physical exam without them!
Your physical exam will take about 30 to 40 minutes.  Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time for check in.  A member of the Athlete Heart Shield medical team will perform a cardiac specific physical exam.  This will include height, weight and blood pressure.  We will also listen to your heart for heart murmurs.  We will also go over your SCA risk assessment questionnaire with you.  We can answer any questions you may have about the forms or the process.  Every participant will also receive an EKG.  The EKG gives us a tracing of the electrical rhythm of your heart.  It gives us very important information about your hearts size and structure, in addition to possible electrical abnormalities.
You are now finished with the screening process.  All of your information will be reviewed by one of our expert cardiologists.  The cardiologist may pass you, essentially saying we do not see any cause for concern at the present time, your risk of an adverse cardiac event is low.  The cardiologist may also not pass you.  This means there is something in your information or test results that is concerning enough that we recommend to you a visit with either your primary physician or see a heart specialist.  We will explain these results to you in full detail. We will also give you a full copy of your results, including your EKG, to take home with you. If you are referred for further evaluation, we are also happy to speak to the provider you choose to see. About 1 in 100 kids that we screen will be referred on for further evaluation.  Remember that what we are doing is a very high level heart screening.  Some of the participants we flag for referral will end up being completely normal.  We are OK with this and wish this for everyone.  Our responsibility is to operate with safety being our number 1 priority.  We are also not diagnosing you or offering you any kind of treatment plan.  Our mission is to identify possible undetected heart conditions that put your life at risk and to direct you to appropriate care.
At this point all of your data is reviewed by our professionals.  If any part of your questionnaire, physical exam or EKG leads us to suspect a possible heart condition, we may ask you to have a screening echocardiogram.  A screening echocardiogram is an ultrasound of the heart used to see the inside of your heart.  We can see your heart chambers, heart muscle and heart valves.  It is a painless test and only takes about 10 to 15 minutes.  Do not be worried if we ask you to have the echocardiogram, our goal is to be very safe, to protect our participants to the highest level possible.
Risk Assessment Questionnaire Consent for Participation Form

What happens after the screening process?

Schedule your physical exam by calling a designated Athlete Heart Shield Service Provider.  When calling please let the staff know you would like to be scheduled to have your heart checked by Athlete Heart Shield.  The staff will give you available dates and times. Appointments are on a first come, first serve basis and space is limited so sign up today. If you do need to change or cancel your appointment, please let the office know in advance!
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Pay for your heart screening by clicking on the pay button below.  The cost of a onetime screen per participant is $129.  This includes all parts of the Athlete Heart Shield protocol and finalized screening determination. We also provide the option of a yearly heart screen for $500.  We do not recommend getting screened every year, but if the added safety is what you desire most, this option is for you.  Athlete Heart Shield is a non-profit organization, the money we collect simply goes to pay our professional team for the services they provide.  We operate on and highly encourage donations. So  if you have the means, anything extra you can give will be much appreciated and put to great use. All donated money goes into a fund for screening projects and screening those children who cannot afford to pay on their own.
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